Genesee Seasonals

So, Genesee’s lager is often the cheapest beer you can buy in some states these days. Often, you can get a 30-pack cube of it and it’ll beat out even the cheapest of macro lagers sub-brands and non-big two brands like Pabst and National Boehmian price wise by a decent margin. I hear Ham’s has been revived and serves the same function in some other states (It’s not in my state that I’ve seen).

Anyhow, one interesting development there is that Genesee actually had an Octoberfest this past fall. Right now, it’s got a bock on the shelf. And they remain relatively inexpensive. I’ve never seen a non-craft brewer attempt to do seasonals, other than Yuengling briefly, and this is significantly less expensive than Yueungling. I think it’s pretty cool. When I bought the Octoberfest, I figured it was just going to be their regular beer with food coloring or something at that price, and was pleasantly surprised that the smell, taste, and color were legitimately those of an Octoberfest beer- not something that stacks up with the craft versions, but great for the price. The bock is perhaps a tad less true to style, but it’s still not a bad drink for the price- and they even remember to include the traditional late winer/early spring bock goat on the can. :slight_smile: I haven’t seen Yuengling’s bock on the shelves at all the last couple years- Does anyone know if they still make it? I felt like Yuengling’s bock was by far their best beer, and I am not even generally a bock fan- I just think they nailed it.

Honestly, I mostly stick to one liquor store these days, the others in my area were either too pricey had less selection. I found the one that both runs sales regularly and has a decent selection. So, sometimes when they stop stocking something, I don’t really know whether or not it’s just gone from the store or gone from the market entirely.

But the main purpose of the thread is- a sub-premium priced seasonal line from Genesee! Kind of cool in that it gives those of us who are extremely fiscally challenged a cheap beer that varies with the seasons, you know?

The only bits of advice I would give is if they could do cheap 30 packs of it, that would be nice (Currently they seem to only do 12 packs, which are inexpensive, but still not to the low price of a 30 pack on a per beer basis), and of course they could use winter and spring seasonals in the mix as well. But it’s still cool to see.

I’ve often wondered why adjunct lager brewers don’t do this sort of thing very often.


Having grown up in Western NY it’s cool to hear they are doing something new. I remember Genny, Genny Light and Genny Cream Ale growing up.

Nice post!

I’ve lived in Rochester forever, they have always done the Bock, at least since 1978. It has stayed consistent over the years. It was a gateway beer for me along with other German styles. The oktoberfest has been around a while, not sure how long. I believe it is on par with German Oktoberfest biers, at least some of them. It has to be one of the best values going. Genesee has a strong German brewing style culture and thanks to recent love for the ones you point out, and a newer one, Ruby Red Kolsch, hopefully they’'ll continue and expand on these styles…