Genetically modified beer--anybody bothered?

Belgian microbiologists have genetically modified yeast to make more delectable beer, according to a new paper published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, a journal. The scientists screened DNA of a strain of yeast particularly good at retaining its flavour to find the genetic mutation of one gene that makes isoamyl acetate. They then used the revolutionary gene-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 to insert this mutation into another commercial yeast to make a superior strain, producing more banana flavour.
Probably aimed at the Great Combines, but how many of you would care if your beer was the product of genetic engineering? Tbh, I am not sure I would in time.

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Definitely wouldn’t care if it was determined not to produce anything it shouldn’t, which should be easy to ascertain.

Anti-GMO hate is, same as anti-nuclear, often (but not always!) ignorance- and hysteria-driven.

I largely agree, although we actually know surprisingly little about how the human gut works, given all the organisms involved in it. So working out in advance that there will be no negative interactions isn’t easy. But that has been true about beer for a very very long time so I am not going to panic just yet.

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Seems like Drake’s already brewed with genetically modified yeast and released the beer called weird science in 2019:
Weird Science: Brewing with Genetically Engineered Yeast.

Interesting. I know there’s a lot of corporate research on improving yeast strains so it was bound to be out there.

I’d be fine with it.