Geocode checker tool

This tool is used to find places which have broken coordinates of 0,0

This error doesn’t seems to occur that often now, that bug seem to be have been taken care of.

@services could you also make it work so it could find all places with empty, empty coordinates (aka the bug when cloning brewery to new places)

Ok in fact, it seems to finds SOME places with empty geocodes too…

But for example, This place has been cloned from a Brewery page today but the geocode checker tool doesn’t find it. (BUG 1 @services)

Since the Cloning tool is bugged, the geolocation isn’t generated on Place creation (fields are left empty) and the Place won’t appear on the Ratebeer map or the mini-map of the Place page.

However, If I access the EDIT PLACE PAGE and click save, the geolocation is generated…can you fix this? (BUG 2 @services)

The link seems to be broken. All I get is the robot.

Are you logged in to Legacy servers? Maybe you don’t have enough admin level to access this tool? anybody else have the same problem?

How would I know if I was logged into legacy servers?

If you can see your ratings and access your profile in MY RATINGS for example.

I just mean you must be logged in on both the new page format and old page format (sometimes, we end up being logged only to one of the 2, for whatever reason)

@services @joet.
Would it be also possible to add a tool to find places with duplicate geocodes?

Right now tons of places around the world must have duplicates geocodes, especially places with non-English addresses.

For example, probably half the places I entered in Quebec would have end up at the same geocode location hadn’t I manually fixed all of them.

I think it is cause by the site fixing a default regional geolocation when it cannot find the exact location based on the address OR because there’s special characters it doesn’t recognize in the address.

I’ve seen that bug occur frequently in France too.


It seems I am logged into both.

Where do they have the admin levels?

Don’t know…

Actual it seems I only get the robot if I select the United States, but don’t select a state.

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