German Kraft Locations

Thought I would add this as there are now three German Kraft brewpubs listed on here and it may help the admins.

There was some debate about whether Mayfair were really brewing but the equipment is in the crypt:
“…the underground crypt bar opposite our 250l micro brewery, where we brew speciality beers.” For context, they also now have a venue in Brixton and that does not mention anything about brewing. (Also gone international and now have a brewpub in Vienna).

Mayfair (

The annoying thing is that the pumpclips design is the same whichever of the brewpubs you go to. However if someone adds a new beer you can see which locations it’s brewed at:

Our Beer • Crafted in the heart of London (

Some are available at all three or a couple. However when I went to the Dalston venue I had Peter and that only specifies Dalton on the list.

Have to be quick though because, whilst there is a beer archive, they delete the venue/s and state ‘Drank Dry!’ once the beer’s gone.

(If they are brewed by one or more venue they seen to always be brewed at Elephant & Castle so perhaps default to that one?)

Edit: just spotted the following!

Just looking into the beer you added for Mayfair ‘Klaus’

Ted is drinking a Klaus by German Kraft Brewery on Untappd

I realise UT can give out duff gen but someone here has checked in Klaus at the Newington venue and the image shows a tap with ‘brewed on site’ around Klaus!

OK. So that’s my theory out of the window.

Is the answer to just have the one brewery listing, under the original location?

In fact, this comment is then also on the UT listing for Mayfair and that’s from this month:

“In London for a couple of days. In theory this is a brewpub, but according to the very helpful guy on the bar, all the beers are currently brewed at their other site at Elephant & Castle. He reckons the kit here has never been used.”