German webshop for classic styles

Hello German friends,

I’m located in Belgium and I’m looking for a website that sells beers in classical German styles (Helles, Keller, Rauch, Weizen, Bock, Kölsch, Alt, …). I’m especially looking for a webshop that sells Maibock or other spring beers. I found some of them but a lot don’t ship abroad.

Can you help me out?


There you go:

I’ve made shopping there several times. The only “issue” is that you can order a 9-18 box per brewery only. They don’t do mixed boxes, only for special things (like this one:

Their sister websop for Baden Württemberg works the same:

It’s quite early for Maibocks tough, you better check at the end of the month :wink:

I checked a couple of other shops, but they’re currently not shipping to Belgium.

I just placed a order yesterday on Belgian Beer Factory, but when this Coronachaos will be over, if you need any help with traditional German beers, feel free to contact me in PM and we can set a trade. Always happy to drink saisons, witbiers and blonds in Spring/Summer :wink: And here in Berlin I have easy access to some nice Bavarian and Franconian brews.


Some other beershops you may find useful (good selection, but more on the mainstream craft side than traditional, regional breweries one) (mix of commercial and craft)


Hey Jef,

if you find a webshop with beers you like, it is always worth of mailing them for a shipping-price to Belgium. Shipping to EU-countries is normally no problem for German shops.

And from my side I can offer you the same like Rauchbierlover - if you like to set up a trade let me know - I’m located in the south-west of Germany.
Gabriel :beers:

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Thanks for the offers! I’ll check the websites and keep in touch!

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Made an order (to Estonia) and everything went smoothly. The shop gets my approval :+1: