Germany sends 11,000 liters of nonalcoholic beer to olympians in Korea

I can hardly put down a single 12oz non-alcoholic beer.

But he drank the nonalcoholic variety for more than just the flavor.

Does it taste good?

They invented NA?

Not sure; can minors drink NA beer?

The most startling fact in that article is that of all countries in the world, Germany consumes the second highest volume of NA beer following Iran.

yes, while there is no legal regulation of NA beer, the state officers for youth protection have decided that it is not covered by the regulation that restricts the sale of beer to 16+ or 14+ persons.

Also, one should point out that people below the age of 14 are still legally allowed to drink proper beer in Germany if their parents consent and it’s not at a public place - contrary to ~25 US states.

North Koreans are said to “love a beer as much as Europeans or North Americans”

I prefer to consume high-alcohol beer for sport.