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Getting logged out all the time again

Not sure what’s up, but since 2020 i am logged out in one of the ‘subsites’ and when I log in i am logged out at another subsite (forum, old pages, ‘new’ pages seem to be the subsites).

Single sign on still not working propely after all this time?


Same here, both on Chrome and Firefox. Seemed to stabilize once I logged on the boards, then somehow the regular site sign on seemed to suddenly start “holding”. Before that got logged out constantly.


Yes, I tend to hit the ratings page, the home page, and the forums home and will hard refresh when SSO is having issues. These three pages tend to be best about fixing the issue. If another account is created (often with a new facebook sign on) then write to us – that account needs to be deleted for login to work best. If I continue to have problems then signing out using the link at the bottom of every page is a first step. Second step is deleting all ratebeer cookies.

Login and signup fixes are still major goals for the quarter. Thanks for your patience with this. We’re making small stepwise progress.


I have logged in more than ten times this evening…

Had to reboot PC to solve a print spooler issue, and log in repetitions seem to have ceased now.

Same here.

Also getting kicked out.

Same here

Yeah, whats up with that? Sometimes I come back to the main site to find myself logged off, sometimes I get kicked out when clicking a link.

we love to log in


The main page seems to be the culprit somehow. Logging in on any other page “sticks” better, it seems.

Also, when the issue occurs - when you get logged out after some time - you get redirected to the main page, which is frankly moronic. If I want to log in on any page, I don’t want to have to go back to the main page - I wanna stay at that page. Kill the redirect!

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Not just the main page, profile etc still forcing me to log in repeatedly. :frowning:

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Yeah, brutal…

Even deleted my cookies and all

Had to log in two dozen times today. Please fix this. @services @joet

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I too have to login all the time, and it takes many attempts to do so…
And sometimes, I get redirected to the old main page ( http://www.ratebeer.com/default.asp ) which doesn’t work well anymore

Same here. The site logs me out when I start searching beers or do something else.

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Perhaps login sessions were set to far too short a time somehow.

no issues today, so far.

You’re lucky, it got worse for me the last hour. This is seriously messing with my work today.

Can we please never have this issue again @services ? Thanks!

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