Getting the correct location for Reviews when name is very common

I’ve just entered a review of a beer I drank at the Moon Under Water in Wigan. However, when I came to select the location the only options it gave me were venues of the same name in Chirstchurch, Manchester, Soho and Wolverhampton. Is there a trick to getting the correct location to display ? [ In the end I selected Manchester as the nearest ! ]

Short answer is no. Long answer is that lots of times I will change the name of place to add the location when there are a bunch with same name. It helps a lot more than (JDW) that almost all of them have.

Should probably be Moon Under Water - Wigan (JDW) …Actually I edited it to that and now you can search it if you type Wigan after it.


I feel like this feature used to sort nearby geographical locations first, but no longer does so.

The app lists them like that. I rarely use the app, but when I have the issue described I complete my review without a place, then go into the app to edit the review and add the place.