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Going to west Czech - Bor - any ideas?




going to Bor in the west Czech on Monday (11th of Feb) any ideas for the neighbourhood? Will be staying the last night (Thursday) i Prague so all tips are welcome. And yeah - I know about Pilzen will try to squeeze that in the next time I’m down - week 11…

Cheers // Thomas

PS. will not be able to fit any beers and what not for trades this time but week 11 it’s another b-nez


Think Thursday’s my day off. :smiley:

Where are you staying at?


Taurus, Vinohradska 105:) - night in-between Thursday/Friday// Thomas


Just a coincidence you booked in front of BeerGeek Bar, uh?!? :sunglasses:

That place is highly recommended. If I can add a suggestion on top of the usual ones ( Zlý Časy, U Kunštátů and Klášterní Pivovar Strahov) it would be Sousedský Pivovar Bašta. It was a nice discover for me. Far away from the center, but connection with tram is fast. It’s just a couple of blocks away from Zlý Časy, btw.


There is a ton of places to visit in the neighborhood, not just BeerGeek, and BeerGeek by itself is enough to get stuck at the entire night. :smiley:

In any case, I’d certainly be up for a beer or two. :slight_smile: Maybe save up some random stuff I’d tick on my own normally to share @Taurus or something too.


Didn’t have a qlue about the location;)

Thx for the hot tips!

Cheers // Thomas


We have plan Marko, my training in Bor is ending at 17 ish so will be in Prague 19 ish with checking in…
BM u my mob no.

Cheers // Thomas


This part of Bohemia is white “empty”, concerning breweries. If You travel around 20 km to the north, You can sample some Lagers at the “Chodovar” brewery in Chodova Plana, near Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad). If You travel to the south, to Horšovský Týn, You will find right next door to the částka the small brewery KH Gúrman at the Hotel of the same name. Both breweries offer Lagers of a quite satisfying quality…:grin:


KH Gúrman - was great tips, many thx / Cheerså




Were you guys at Beer Geek on 19th? I was too! I’ve been following this thread as I was planning to be in Prague but didn’t really know what my schedule was going to be. Great place though! Cheers!


14th actually if I remember correctly. :slight_smile: It’s definitely a great place though.


14th was the holy date - u could have told us for-hand;). Will be back in 3 weeks.