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Hi Everyone,

I have just posted my last rating. Following Doctors advice I have stopped drinking
alcohol which in essence means beer. I have been a member since 2002. My first rating site, whose name escapes me was British and thats were I first came accross SilkTor ( hi Steve if you are still around. My beer journey was long and interesting.


Sorry to hear about this @johndoughty, but health is one of the things that could make me do the same.



@johndoughty sorry to hear that - there are no alcohol beers out there, which could still give you something to keep rating. I had to give up drinking gluten beers afew years back and am finding the choice and quality of gluten free beers has gone up alot, similarly with no & low alcohol beers.

Here’s an alcohol free beer you could still drink which I can’t!

Hello John,

This is a coincidence, I was going to post something similar today. I recently had a private health check and subsequent blood tests with my GP.

I’ve been told that I have high cholesterol and that I need to reduce it immediately with lifestyle changes within the next 6 months. If I cannot reduce it in that time my GP said that I ought to start taking statins. I was quite shocked as I have enjoyed reasonable health over my 61 years on this earth. I had been told to watch my cholesterol in the last few years as it was creeping up but I guess I ignored it. I’m 14 stone 10lbs and have always needed to lose a couple of stone. Been regularly drinking beer since the age of 15, I tend to focus on the strong stuff and sometimes I drink a lot. I’m sure there are people on here who drink a lot more than me though.

I’m certainly going to reduce my beer intake and exercise more and eat as sensible as possible.

Other Ratebeerians out there, don’t overdo it as you might regret it when you get to my age.

Good luck!


Take care of yourselves people!

Sorry to hear this @johndoughty and @evergreen0199, I hope you can come to some sort of compromise, but health does have to take preference of course.

My weight has crept up and although I tried to change my lifestyle and I certainly eat well and healthily it hasn’t worked really and I have to take ‘statins’ (just 20mg a day though) and now have blood pressure tablets too (but only 5mg a day). I am trying to cut down my drinking, but I am struggling to be honest, I just enjoy it so much.

I am now 70 and managed to keep off the drugs until I was 69, so haven’t done too badly.

Good luck and I hope you live a long and happy life.



Really sorry to hear this, good luck to both you and evergreen0199 for the future.

I was advised to take statins a while ago, but I found they made me a little depressed, which is unlike me, so I came off them. I know this is rolling the dice but I do find that I gain more from doing things I enjoy. There are no easy decisions out there.

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Sorry to hear John, but I will just echo what @danlo said about alcohol-free beer. Quality and choice has come on leaps and bounds the last few years alone. I drink a fair amount during the Summer when I’m trying to get in more long bike rides (though mostly the same stuff) but definitely have a ganders at whats about. Hopefully your health will improve and you can enjoy the odd normal beer.

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Sorry to hear this John. Take care …

Sorry to hear this John. Like others mention there are much better zero alcohol options out there than there used to be. Also I enjoy Radlers and will frequently have one or two of these to quench my first.

All the best @johndoughty & @evergreen0199 hope you get to enjoy the odd beer here & there going forward.

I had a private medical in Feb for an insurance policy, and found out my blood pressure is higher than ideal. It’s been suggested to me that I start on blood pressure meds but I’ve also found I get ‘white coat syndrome’ when I go for tests. I ended up buying a blood pressure monitor which has shown me that my blood pressure isn’t as high when I monitor it myself daily compared to visiting the nurse.

I’m consciously trying to drink less and take more and longer breaks from drinking. It’s hard though!