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No Austria forum, so I guess I’ll post here instead.

Whilst exporting my rates to Untappd (like others I have my doubts about the future of ratebeer) I noticed that they have a single entry for Gösser, named “Gösser Märzen / Gösser Beer (Export)” and a note explaining that is the same beer, the latter being the export name. Here on ratebeer we have two separate entries, one is a marzen and the other is a pale lager.

Is there any truth to the Untappd merger, or is this the sort of thing that one often comes across in Untappd’s somewhat shifty database?

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First of all you are right here. We actually proposed a while ago to include Austria and Switzerland into our regional forums name but nothing happened.

In my opinion those are the same beers as on Untappd, same ABV and it is only one version listed on Gössers website. And to label a regular beer wih Export for foreign markets is a usual way to promote a beer though it than sometimes is a bit stronger but not in this case.

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The way I see it, is that Gösser doesn’t label it as an Export themselves, but it’s been named (Export) on here, right? At least that’s what I’d guess from the picture of Gösser Beer (Export). Might just be regular Gösser Märzen with an english label. Another way to tell if there is any difference might be Stammwürze (orig. gravity), which is often declared in Austria.

Well according to Untappd pictures liek this one Gösser Export (Untappd) there are bottles labeled Export. Stammwürze is a good way to check but without the two bottles in hand not easy :wink:

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@yantarcoast1, do you maybe have a bottle at hand? I can go and get a “regular” Gösser any day, any time. :smiley:

Found one in a local store, ABV is 4.7%, original gravity is 11.3%. Brewed in Russia, however. Label says “Gosser Bier”.

Märzen has 11.9°p with an ABV of 5.2%.

Gösser is part of BrauUnion, which is part of Heineken. The export is most likely brewed in Heineken factories around the planet, then.

Thanks! Well, it makes sense that ratebeer has two different entries. It’s a shame that Austrian beer is nowhere near as widely exported as German beer.

If there’s anything you’d particularly like to have, or if you just want to trade a few bottles, let me know any time!

Sorry for being late to this discussion, but a change in ABV which is this small does not necessarily warrant a new entry. I do, however, think it’s alright to keep them separate since this is not simple fluctuation, but appears to be intentional change of the beer for export.

I’d argue it’s clearly a different beer - different recipe, different brewery, different declaration. But I know there’s different opinions about this, and I see how the original Export entry on here doesn’t seem to be a different beer at all. But from the information @YantarCoast has provided, I’d definitely argue for different entries.

We’d need the back label of that Gösser to see if there are additional differences other than the ABV/°P