Gotta be a record

Rated this beer:
That was last rated by BuckDich (Jordan) in 2004! 14 years later. Is that a record? Has to be.

Edit: actually HumuloneRed rated it last also in July 2004! Anyway, crazy.


Ive rated some Uk beers that have had a ten year gap but thats the bigest ive seen. I imagine tjere be quite a few uk seasonals that havent been rated for ten plus years though.

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I thought I’d check BA and see if it had similar results. It’s not listed. 128 unique check ins on Untappd but they didn’t start up until 2010.

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Makes me think Ratebeerian needs a new Weird Site Records page…

  • Longest gap between ratings.
  • Most ratings in the first month of release.
  • Biggest standard deviation.
  • Most times a site upgrade or fix has been requested without any response from site management.
  • Word used most often in beer names (excluding beer related words.
  • Longest period without an appearance by @discobot.

Any other suggestions?

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Aah, there you are. I’ve missed you! Can I pick you up by your headhandle?

Hahahahaha good luck on that one. My guess is split Belgium into regions

I’ve got the market cornered on McMenamins beers I think! Over 300 now. But that’s without much effort. They probably put out 1,000 new beers a year.

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And retire 100 each year?

Oh yeah, who knows. I suspect that less than 5-10% end up in our database. They have 26 breweries and 54 locations!

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