Grand Turk (Turks and Caicos)

Hello, everybody!
I am heading to Turks and Caicos in a cruise next month.
I know there is a brewery there called Turk’s Head Brewery. However, it is at Cooper Jack Bay which is in Porvidenciales island and we are arriving to Cockburn Town, in Grand Turk island. I tried contacting the brewery to determine whether their beers are available in there but got no answer.
Anyone has any knowledge about it?

They were available on Grand Turk Island.

Been a few years since I was at Cockburn, 2013.
They had two or three beers available I think in total.

When you walk from the pier towards Margaritaville, turn left and walk on the beach a few mins, there’s a bar there that had at least one.

Also walked further down the beach another few mins and found a yellow kind of hut, they had another.
At the yellow place I asked for a glass, got a green kids type plastic mug with a reindeer on it, the guy’s personal one, since they typically only sold the beers in bottles.

At the time it was the only two beers from Turks and Caicos that I could find.

Copy of my place rating of Margaritaville

Just off the port on the beach. I arrived with a ship full of metal heads on January 30, 2013 and we were the only ship docked at this time. Since the long haired, bearded and tattooed people took over the bar and the beach they even started playing metal music for us.
Place was expensive though with 7 USD per beer, if you walked another 4 minutes up the beach you found the “Local Village & Bar” with beers for 4 USD each and free WiFi. Another 1 minute up the beach you had a little yellow shack that sold their beach for 3 USD a pop.
Typical tourist place with not a big beer selection, they had one of the Turks beers at this time though. Worth checking out some of the other bars as well, but this is the closest to the port for sure.
Very nice by the white beach and the perfect water, sun and heat, some shade available.

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