Great Taste of the Midwest?

Is this still a premier event? There is nothing on this site about it, it’s not even listed on the events page. (it’s Aug 10). I have not been in about 5 years but scored a ticket to this years fest. Back in the day I remember people who got shot down with the mail order trying to work deals to get a few tickets. I don’t see anything like that on this site or the other one. Just wondering if the GTMW is not the must go event it used too be.

Event adding became less popular as the old badges became inactive. But go ahead and add it.

The other one?? Hmmmmmm??

I’ve gone to the last ten Great Tastes, and can definitely say that it is better than ever. More breweries, one-offs,great setting. It is usually easy enough to score tickets from scalpers the day of at face value (60), but commonly go for up to 100 on Craigslist the weeks beforehand. I’ll be there pouring and making the rounds all day! Friday especially, but really the whole week before is big as well.


What nuplastikk said. If you want to chase whales and queue up all day for various Dark Lord and BCS treatments you can. If you’d rather get a sampling of what the Midwest has to offer without hours of driving all over Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin, etc you can do that too.

The program and app should drop fairly soon to get a sense of what is available. There will also be a fair number of big events going down Friday evening including Toppling Goliath tappings at Barley Pop, whomever Funk Factory has invited this time around, and Indeed taking over an east side bar.

My best advice? Make a game plan, pace yourself, and then around 4:30 throw in the towel and go with your gut.

Can we get an RB headcount?