Greater DC area brewery trip or or mini-tasting on 4/14 and/or 4/15?

DC area folks, the wife is busy all weekend so I’m free to do some beer stuff.

I know the DC crew just did a tasting, but I could definitely host at my place in Arlington on Saturday (but not Sunday) if people still have some beers they’d like to share.

It’s been a long time since we tried to organize a trip to area breweries. We could meet at my place, or if anyone is along the way, we can pick anyone up. The one catch is that I’d rather avoid driving in DC unless we’re going to places on the outskirts of the city. I hate driving/parking downtown. I now have a Buick Enclave, so we can carpool with up to 7 people in my vehicle (including the driver).

I started to flesh out groupings of breweries we could hit up. Obviously we aren’t beholden to sticking with just one area, but there are so many breweries in the area that most of us haven’t been to or have had few beer from, this might be the ideal way to handle it.

  • Inside the District
  • West Fairfax/East Loudoun (aka, our backyard)
  • Fredericksburg
  • Southeast NOVA (Alexandria/Woodbridge)
  • Southwest NOVA (Warrenton/Manassas)
  • Downtown Leesburg
  • Western Loudoun (past Leesburg)
  • Somewhere in Maryland (they have breweries, right?)

I am planning to go to Lothar’s Butcher Shop in Purcellville on the 14th. A pilgrimage with Spacebar Matt. Could incorporate a few breweries into the trip.

I could be down for that.

Adroit, Belly Love and Jack’s Run are all right there near that butcher shop, but I’m pretty flexible. Just want to try some new stuff. I haven’t been to Jack’s Run. I went to Belly Love right after the place first opened. I’ll look at Adroit’s tap list later in the week.

There’s a ton of places between there and home, some probably not very good, but they’ll be new things to tick.

There’s a slight chance I may be out that way. Once you have a plan, put it up and I’ll see if I can link in.

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I might be down. I’ll let you know

Annnnnnnd I am out. My son has a ballgame, my daughter is going to state competition in Newport News, and so I am now tied up. Sigh.

Jason, does Sunday work or is the whole weekend out? I sounds like it’ll be a no, but I can do Sunday if that works better. If not, I’ll be doing it on Saturday. I can drive anyone if they can get to my place or are along the way out that direction.

Here’s a list of places we could go, suggestions on specific places are welcome.

  • B Chord Brewing
  • Dirt Farm
  • Old 690
  • Adroit
  • Jack’s Run
  • Belly Love
  • Vanish
  • Barnhouse
  • Crooked Run Leesburg
  • Black Walnut
  • Black Hoof
  • Loudoun Brewing Company
  • Dog Money Restaurant & Brewery
  • Bike TrAle Brewing

You around, @GenDV138?

I’d love to join but unfortunately I’m on-call for work this weekend, so probably won’t be able to make it.

I will check on Sunday timing

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No love for Maryland?

My weekend is very much up in the air still. So, if things align I may be able to come down.

Looks like I am a no for Sunday too. Dammit.

There are a TON of breweries that I’d love to check out in MD. We’ll have to figure out a weekend for that.

If @nimbleprop can’t make it out that way, it sounds like it might just be me, so I don’t think I’m going to be very ambitious in my trip. Maybe head out that way and just do one or two places. Might stop at a few others just to pick up some bottles/cans/crowlers so I don’t have to drink it all on site.

I think I’m going to head up to Leesburg this time. Might try to start at Barnhouse and then may move on to Vanish (which is practically next door) and/or move on back into Leesburg. There’s like 4-5 breweries within walking distance in historic Leesburg. Weather should be nice.

At least two people not on RB are tagging along at least some of the day. I’m going to coordinate with them in the morning about when we’ll get started, which should also give enough time for anyone on here to speak up if you can go.

Like I said, I can drive anyone around if you’d like to carpool some of the way.

Where did you hit? Josh go too?

We hit up Barnhouse, then went to Vanish. At lunch there. That’s where Josh joined us. Then we went into Leesburg and hit up Crooked Run and then Bike TrAle.

Weather was fantastic on Saturday. The patio at TrAle was great right before sunset.

Today I met up with one of my college friends and we hit up 2 Silos, Public House Kitchen & Brewery (which isn’t on RB yet), and Eavesdrop.

was anything good?

A few beers were pretty good - nothing earth shattering. I really can’t say until I finish adding in all my notes into RB. Once I do that, I’ll have a better idea of where everything fell.

2 silos has some decent beers

I love this response 3 months later.

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