Greater Manchester beers (plus stats)

I was just rating a Chorlton beer and checked some stats.

The scene up in Manchester has certainly changed since Boddingtons got taken over.

Now there are no less than 88 active breweries in that area, some of which are really setting the world alight, Cloudwater being most likely the best known currently.

Anyway I was pleased to see I had rated 178 different beers from 31 different breweries; then I noticed the top rating people for Greater Manchester, bloody hell, I am miles off the pace.

I just creep in at 41st on the top raters list:

The reason I have so many (in my eyes) is because of the little tasting group minutemat set up in Shrewsbury, some of the guys love their Manchester brews and bring them along for us all to try. Only five of us, but we all bring interesting and often rare stuff to the table.


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Wow a stat I actually appear in.

199 for me coming in at 37th place, got load a more I haven’t rated yet. But unlike you I seriously lack variety, drinking from only 11 brewers. And what’s worse is that almost three quarters of those have been from Cloudwater. I’ve since cut down and no longer try to buy EVERY release as they all feel quite samey to me now, though I still love their beers.

Not to discredit any other brewer there but I think Cloudwater have done so much to help put Manchester in the spotlight. Impressive to have 88 breweries up there now and this thread has made me realise that I really need to start trying beers from some of those other breweries instead of just sticking to the ones I know.

Yeah that would be Paolo the CW fanboy bringing all the latest releases, though i have bolstered it with a few from Track. It appears my premium membership expired today else id be able to see my ranking, but i believe ive had 300 mcr beers

I have a head start as i was visiting people in Manchester and doing Stockport festival long before Manchester scene kicked off

You’re correct, and in 22nd place btw.

Craig’s 2nd with 1019.

726 is my total but not all fully rated. 70 breweries.

I have 202 from 39 breweries, which feels like a nice spread, i tend not to chase CW but they still make up over 1/4 of all my Manchester rates

I think Greater Manchester is a region that has very few active raters, which obviously means my lower numbers of rates get you higher up the stats.