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Greg Koch in Zagreb today (okay, and for the last two days, but shh)

So… there’s a Meet the Brewer with Greg Koch @Fakin, Zagreb today, with a ton of rare (for Europe) Stone bottles and several rare kegs even. Who’s going? :smiley:

I’ll be there obviously :wink:

Had a few beers the other day with Greg and I’ve recorded part of our chat. If anyone is interested you can find the audio here

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Being from Germany, I thought it was rather interesting that you asked him about the German craft beer scene in the beginning. Too bad he mostly ignored that and started to randomly ramble about tomatoes, cheese, coffee and the world cup instead…

Haha yes, we did stray a bit. But general feeling he had is that people in Germany are not that interested in beer at least not like in some other countries. Reason for that is your beer tradition and fact you’ve never hit a rock bottom like some other countries, Croatia included.

This was not a prepared interview, he just said I should record our conversation once he heard I did some beer writing. :slight_smile:

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