Groningen 19/11 - 25/11

I´m travelling to Groningen in 3 weeks (from Monday 19.11 to Sunday 25.11). As I´m travelling with the wife and our child I have no plenty of time for tavelling but I want to visit as many places as I can in the Groningen area.
I have already checked the places listed in Groningen but if any of you have some recommendations about this area or any event/festival planned for that dates (Amsterdam???) it would be very appreciated.
I can also catch a train for a short trip (around 1 and a half hour) or even go to Germany on Saturday. Bremen worths the trip??

Cheers and thank you!

@ShivanDragon @RW80

Recently been to Bremen myself. There wasn’t much ticking to do but the old breweries were fun to visit.

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I went to Bremen once and had a great time there. It was in december 2009. The Germans go crazy with their christmas “weihnachten” market. It was very kitchy and cozy, with a lot of gluhwein and jolly Germans. It starts this year on November 26. Visited one of the best art exhibitions I’ve ever visited at GAK I don’t know anything about the beer scene there though… Enjoy your travels!

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Thank you, the problem of Bremen is that there is no direct train from Groningen. But I have never been there and could be a good oportunity to visit the city. Let´s see if any other dutch ratebeerian can help me with some recommendations about the north (Groningen/Friesland) scene :slight_smile:

@ShivanDragon can tell you all about it. Come on Edwin, lose the hangover and get your ass out to the forum!

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@simonblok and @gyhallmanti both live in Groningen. Perhaps they have some info for you. The top-rated bars you can find on Ratebeer are all worth visiting (I visited Mout, Toeter, and Concerthuis when I was there, each with their own charm)


Groningen has a couple of great places to visit. I myself work at Proeflokaal Mout. We serve explicitly Dutch craft beer and we’ll try to find a beer to your liking.
Cafe de Koffer is a slightly outside the city centre. They have a large variety of beers and a select list of harder-to-get beers.
Cafe de toeteris a dark and brown Cafe and is situated near a canal, north of the city centre. They serve their own brews on tap and bottles and have a large selection of whiskies. I would not advise to go there after 8pm due to the huge amount of people inside and all the activities the owners plan around their café.
Chaplin’s pub has a good selection but has never really been a place that I would visit due to their location.
All in all, if you are travelling with children and want to drink a beer I would recommend to go to proeflokaal Mout between 3pm and 8pm. Or Cafe de toeter before 8pm.i hope this helps a little


Thank you mate!!
See you at Mout!! If you have a good dutch selection I will go every day around 5pm. Any other advice for Groningen child friendly (restaurant, parks, museums…)

Another vote for De Koffer and Proeflokaal Mout from me, I visit those bars whenever I’m in Groningen without thinking. Martinus brewery is worth a stop as well, the beers aren’t anything special but the brewpub location is very nice. Get your bottles at Just In Beer, Folkingestraat 18, or Slijterij Groningen, Vismarkt 36.

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I also second De Koffer and Martinus! De Koffer is probably my favorite spot in Groningen. When I’m in Groningen I’m usually there for a show in Vera or for something on show in the Groninger Museum

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De prinsentuin is a thing that you might like to see. This garden has been here since the 1600’s. Groninger museum is situated on the canal across the central Station. Café de toeter does organize boat trips through the canals of Groningen. I wouldn’t know which restaurants are child friendly to be honest. One of my favorites is ‘Het zusje van André Dokter’, but might not be child friendly. Newscafe is located between the Vismarkt and the Grote markt and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and has a children’s menu.
Just as @tricksta_p commented: get your beers at Justinbeer or slijterij Groningen. As of late proeflokaal Mout has its own beer store within the café. De Roemer is a whisky store but has a good selection of beers, mostly sours and wild ales. Such as 3 fonteinen, Boon, cantillon and alvinne.


I totally agree with Gyhallmanti!

De Prinsentuin might be a good place to visit indeed. Located next to the garden is an old building called Prinsenhof. This is a very high quality restaurant and grand café (almost michellin star quality) but still serves lunch at reasonable prices. Dinner, though, is expensive. Slijterij van Erp (Grote Kromme Elleboog 16) doesn’t have the biggest selection in specials, but sometimes you can find some gems there.

One place you should avoid is Café Hooghoudt (Grote Markt 42). The main reason is the service. The times I’ve been there the staff made me feel like I was a burden to them. Hospitality nowhere to be found. Beer selection isn’t that big and still you almost always get your beer in a wine glass, because they don’t seem to have the right glassware for beer.

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No events afaik.
Amsterdam is too far to travel.

You can score some bottles/cans at Just in Beer (Folkingestraat 18 Groningen).
You can visit the Baxbier brewery (they do tours)

I’ve been to the city of Groningen a couple of times but never with my kids.
I dont know how old your kids are but maybe a trip to a zoo is an option? My kids loved Wildlands in Emmen.
(best travel option is the bus)
Tbh, there’s not much to do in the beer department outside the city of Groningen.

have fun!

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Thank you.
My kid is 1 year and 3 months old. My wife will be working in the Groningen University all week long so the plan is have fun with my child until my wife finishes her workday. And after that to do beery things :slight_smile:
A trip to Amsterdam or Bremen is soo tempting…but November is not a good month for travelling with a child…so less hours of sunshine and probably bad weather conditions.

Amsterdam is 2-2.5 hours by train from Groningen. One way.

Hi guys.
In Groningen already. Its cold outside so I visited Slijterij (really nice selection with lots of dutch beer) for a quick shopping before hitting some places in the evening.

Lunch menu for today.


Todays shopping at Van Erp ( )
Really nice place with an outstanding beer selection and a chatty owner.

Yesterday I visited Mout Proeflokaal and today I will try to hit De Pintelier.

Just in beer ( ) selection for today. Probably the best selection in town in my opinion. A couple of new dutch breweries for me.

Finally going to Bremen on Saturday and Amsterdam on Sunday.


Your survival skills seem to be perfectly in order