Growler Fills

Is this even a thing in the U.K.? I’m trying to pack up what I will practically use during my time and store what I will most likely never use in 3/4 years there. Any info is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Shawn!uAY7tbNNZGZ2yiGNjfNUJyZ%215bp68BCK6vom88L0lXSxNH4EMUNtYZvYPNa6Yn*lci0iYPJPWZkYRQJG6xX3lxnmAe2CUWxjK5BB%211&PC=DCTE

Ok lets take this one at a time,


where abouts?

ok now onto Growlers. Yeah they are here. not as prevalent as in the US, but here.
Edinburgh has 5 places of the Top of my head that DO growlers. Both Brewdogs, the Stewart Brewery, and theyre Growler station in Leith. Plus BeerHive Bottle place has 1 tap for Growler fills.

But Id also suggest that most of the bar youd want to get beer from, would probabaly have no problem doing a growler fill for you (at least if your know, or maybe even just polite)

But saying thatfew places would have counter pressure fills

Hope that helps.