Guernsey Pony Ale

Guessing this is brewed at Liberation. Anyone know anything about it?

According to Guernsey Companies House, “The Guernsey Brewery Co. (1920) Limited” is still trading (and clearly something’s happening there as it had a change of directors last year). Can’t find anything else out about them though, so I assume someone else has bought the name rights and as you say Liberation/Butcombe must be a prime contender.

Would be nice if actual Guernsey beers were turning up on the mainland though!

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Any ideas @Jerseyislandbeer?


Interesting, but a new one on me, a handful of historical check in’s on Untappd but little else on the web bar a few old photos… the Liberation group don’t have much of a presence on Guernsey, due to the long & great rivalry between the 2 islands, it’s very much a Randall’s domain over there.

Having done some more googling, Guernsey amalgamated with Jersey brewery which is now Liberstion.

Had this at Guernsey in August 2014, so it is not new. Liberation Pony • RateBeer

That seems to be the answer - as Sigmund also says Liberation Pony circa 2013/14 one & the same as Guernsey Pony, clear forgotten that I’d had it in the bottle at home, must be getting old or drinking too many different beers!

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