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Guidelines for Successful Website Searches

  1. Search using the MAIN WORDS only

  2. Avoid using conjonctions and their abbreviated equivalents (especially & “and”)

  3. For popular abbreviated words like SAINT (St), STREET (St), first try as labelled but try again using the other version if you can’t find your entry. Avoid using COMPANY (Co), you should normally find your entry without using it.

  4. Never use special characters like “period”, “comma” or “slash” symbols, simply skip them.
    try SMASH before S.M.A.S.H., try IPA before I.P.A. , try amarillo simcoe, not amarillo/simcoe

  5. When Beer styles are involved in the name, enter the product exactly as labelled first. If you can’t find the product, try using abbreviated or full name style equivalent
    IPA / India Pale Ale, APA / American Pale Ale

  6. NEVER use the apostrophe, this character is pure damnation. Enter the search terms and just skip the character.
    do not search for L’ESPACE, try LESPACE instead.

  7. When a product serie or brewer name involves numbers, Enter the mininum possible
    Try simply 5, not #5, not no.5, not 05
    If you still cannot find the entry, try the number in letter format (especially if Labelled that way).

  8. Always try the latin alphabet name before the non-latin one (we are not there yet).

  9. Beer styles searches (add/edit beer page, brewer listing) are character sensitive so you’ll have to search the exact word.
    Kölsch, not Kolsch - Not Red IPA, but IPA - Red (or try simply IPA or RED and you’ll see)


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