Guinness and Sprite


These guys claim, of course, that they are the only ones and were the first ones, which they aren’t, but hey… :smiley:

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I definitely made a few Guinness shandies in my time behind a bar. They are an absolute nightmare with a proper nitro Guinness tap.

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I’d like to try a Black Velvet sometime. Sounds interesting. Sprite? Not so much. Strangest beer beer concoction I ever saw was at a fairly decent beer bar. This guy was drinking a coors light on the rocks. A shaker packed with ice then dumping his can of the light in it. Think he got two pints from that 12oz can. I was mesmerized for a little while then thought, WTF??


It’s one way to keep alcohol consumption low enough to drive home?


Actually I’ve seen a lot of women drinking beer like a cocktail, in a pint glass over ice, and through a pipette in Central Asian countries such as Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

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