Gweilo will soon become one of the biggest craft brewers in Asia

They certainly weren’t known as the most adventurous brewer in Hong Kong prior to their expansion plans (here’s to you, Young Master and Moonzen), but they just might enter the conversation. Matt Walsh (formerly of Modern Times) led the plan to build Hong Kong’s largest craft brewery and it opens soon. Will they join the upper echelon of Asian breweries? :thinking:

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Certainly an exciting development to have something of that scale somewhere like Hong Kong, even though Gweilo were not really on my radar on my recent trip.

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And they’ll be be bought as soon as they smell success. :wink:

So… “White Devil” Beer?

ISO, just to write “Gweilo is geilo” in a rating.


You didn’t miss much at the time, as they were easily one of the least exciting (although their beers are reasonably good) craft brewers in the city up until now. Curious to see how they stack up with the heavy hitters in Hong Kong in a year’s time and to see if they start exporting abroad.