Haarlem and the goat

Gentlemen: I fly into Amsterdam next Tuesday 24 April and will spend three days exploring beery places in Haarlem if anyone would like to join me. I will also be at Carnevale Brettanomyces again this year, so it should be easy to meet in Amsterdam as well.




Great to have you back on Dutch soil! Haarlem is a lovely city with some nice bars. I could join you on Thursday for lunch if you head out to Jopen Proeflokaal or Uiltje Brewery & Taproom (a bit out of the city center though). I work very close to both places. Friday 27th is Kingsday, national holiday and lots of drinking on the streets.

Glad to be back, and exploring outside Amsterdam. As luck would have it, the Uiltje Brewery is a 15 minute walk from my AirBnB, so that would work well on Thursday.
Heading to Brussels on Friday, so I’ll miss out on the street drinking, but I’ll have to drink on the train!

Nice to see you again at the Carnivale Brettanomyces!

I’m looking forward to it! This year I’m doing two of the beer dinners, 3-F and Tommie Sjef.

I see now I have a meeting until 13:30, so could meet at 13:35. Is that OK for you?

Sure, 13:35 at Uiltje Brewery & Taproom