Habushu - Snake Sake/Nihonshu (WHERE?)

So I’ve tried Habuball, which is like a condenced weird cough syrup type of habushu… you gotta mix it with sparkling water otherwise it’s super gross. But I been trying to find places that sell it other then the Okinawa market or the other odd places.

BTW habushu is this: What is Habushu?

Oh and I’m located in Fukuoka, Japan so it’s legal here to have it shipped in.


There is a place I think pushing stuff that also has like spiders and stuff and cobras… I’m specifically looking for Pit Viper habushu…

Oh I’m not looking for person to person selling either, I actually want to know if there any breweries or local stores or maybe a place online to get some.

I live in Japan and I can’t help you. I would try some online forums in English for residence of Okinawa. You won’t find this outside of Okinawa I don’t thinks habushu is also distilled from Aowamori, not sake, so this subject is a bit off topic for RateBeer (which does include sake)

Hmm I suppose you’re right… although I’ve heard that they’ll use just about anything at times… including whiskey etc… Not sure if this is absolutely true. But I’m in Fukuoka and the habuball came from a friend who visited Okinawa.