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Craft beer lover here. As long as they are able to make beer and sell it to go: Call me stupid and naive, but just like Three Daughters in Florida, why can’t more breweries start making a hand sanitizer? It would greatly alleviate the current problem of it not being available almost everywhere (and the hoarders selling them at $20 a pop). It could be distributed to medical personnel, first responders and and finally the general public.

I believe distilleries are, but I suspect one reason is that it would require all staff to show up for work, which makes social distancing a lot harder. Plus there are transition costs involved in turning a brewery making 4-15% alcohol beer into a factory making 70% alcohol sanitizer. There are also tons of administrative and marketing costs that we could only begin to imagine.

The only thing is that hand sanitizer is a waste of time. Soap and cold water are more effective against a virus.

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70% ethyl or isopropyl alcohol is really the thing. After hands treated grab the phone and lovingly caress it all over.

My proposal is only for the breweries that are still in production, like the medium to large ones, Stone, Sierra Nevada, etc not the small ones who cannot afford it) If 3 Daughters (a brewery and not a distiller) can do it, I would say almost anyone can. They are doing it as a thank you to their community.
Hand sanitizer is useful if you do not have access to soap/hot water. I like to sanitize my hands before I walk into a grocery store and when I come out. Can’t make my own as rubbing alcohol is being hoarded. I guess I could use Bacardi 151 or Everclear as they are both over 120 proof.
Be safe everyone and stay home if you can.

First, it seems they stopped because they feared massive congestion. Second, it may be that they were using “supplies” on hand rather than creating high ABV spirits from brewing. Plus a little aloe.

Apparently Brewdog have started making it: “Brewgel Punk Sanitiser”.

The bigger question though is whether brewery-made sanitisers are rateable on this site. And if so, what style are they?

I’ll get practising: “Bizarre blue colour, no head and no carbonation. Aroma is a heady and inviting mix of florals and citrus. Sadly, on tasting the flavour was extremely soapy and alkaline, with a vicious alcohol burn. Completely unbalanced and unpleasant. Could only manage one squirt. More like hand sanitizer than beer. Ugh.”


Flavored - Other


4.31 on UT

Well, yes and no.

The best thing to do is wash your hands with soap and water, yes (I don’t know about cold water, I’d always heard warm water, but I honestly don’t know, so I’m not going to weigh in on water temperature. :slight_smile: ).

However, let’s say you are done grocery shopping and about to head straight to the pharmacy. There’s not going to be a source of soap and running water in the parking lot of the grocery store. That’s the type of scenario where hand sanitizer is the best option. Plus, you may want to use it again after the pharmacy, because that’s where sick people go. :slight_smile: They probably have better sanitary standards there than a regular store because it’s a medical related place, but still. Then you can wash your hands with actual soap and water when you get home.

I realize that may seem like some sort of paranoid Howard Hughes level type thing, but we are actually literally in the middle of a deadly epidemic that has no cure and no proven treatments (Other than hospitals using ventilators to keep people breathing a little longer towards the end, I guess). People are literally gasping for air like fish out of water and eventually stop breathing at all.

If you are going to pick one time in your life to be a germophobe, this seems like the most justified one. :slight_smile:

Of course, most of us can’t get hand sanitizer, but if I could get it at a normal price, I’d use it.

$70 for almost 2 liters. :crazy_face:

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Glad they are helping out.