Handsome Beer Company Officially Closes

I’m sure no one here is surprised given the hiatus/inactivity of the beers, but the head brewer/owner of Handsome finally announced its closure. Looks like he’s planning to start a mixed fermentation/experimental brewery in Maryland later this year.

Goodbye, God bless.

Never had any of the beers, never saw the beers.

I saw more Chocolate City accounts than I saw Handsome accounts.

Did they actually brew anything after 2015?

Actually what I said isn’t true, I saw a tent of theirs at the DC beer fest and it looks like Argo rated some of them in 2017 before abandoning the website.

I’d only had a few of their beers at Glen’s and Meridian Pint towards the end of 2015, but they were definitely few and far between. And mostly just tapped at uncommon events.

Any good? Be honest.