Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

One year ago today it was announced that AB-InBev had purchased a minority stake in RateBeer (the sale itself, of course, happened several months prior to that).


The cash infusion has dramatically improved the RB experience and attracted thousands (perhaps millions) of new contributing users. The industry knowledge of AB Inbev has appealled directly to what long-time beer raters want and crave in a beer rating website. Additionally, the benevolent corporate oversight has prevented the site administrators from rolling out unwanted changes prior to their being fully operational. Indeed, the stability and predictability of the site is at an all-time high.


If at least ZX Ventures meant major investments in the site so the site/app changes would have been quicker and applied more smoothly, this could have been good for RB, but the current implementation made the user experience hellish from the start…many players left the boat right after on the acquisition of ZX but I think the last few months of bugs / lost of old functionalities has been way more detrimental than that…

Would be funny if the joke wasnt on us - the users.

In all seriousness, the worst thing about the minority share is the tarnished name of ratebeer. I no longer want to bring it up around beer people and have to somehow justify it. When my wife tells people, sometimes I wish she wouldn’t. All the other problems appear to be self inflicted…

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This, a thousand times this. It’s popular to hate n on RateBeer (and Ratebeerians) these days.

Do you really care what other people think about the fact that you use Ratebeer? I honestly could not care less.

And btw, even when I started years ago people assumed you were somewhere on the spectrum if you rated every beer you tried so that probably hasn’t changed much :stuck_out_tongue:

To stay on topic: I was this year was used to polish what we had instead of adding new stuff no-one asked for. But this is what we have and we have to deal with this I guess.

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I don’t care what my non-beery friends think… but when major breweries are asking not to be included on RB, it does take some of the joy out of it.

If they make good beer they’ve got nothing to worry about.