Happy Christmas



So what are folks beer plans today?

Haven’t got a solid one but I usually drink a Fullers Vintage from 3 or 4 years back plus I have a Buxton BA impy I picked up the other week.


Merry Christmas/pagan festival to all.

I am driving so just picked a Siren saison to go with the roast (this year’s Rainbow Project, whatever it’s called).

The Tuborg Christmas lager is in the fridge for when we get home. My sister-in-law has bought me local beers from Sydenham so may try a couple of those - hopefully not the same Southey ones she bought last year. I know she was in contact with Ignition - their tap is about 50 yards from her house - as she was tweeting them.

One a sidenote, we had Finnish Christmas yesterday so got two new Brewery ticks (Greyhound and Adur) and, on a less welcome note, a Greene King gold.

Merry Christmas everyone, I intend to rate 10 beers today

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Family over and normally a light beer day for me. Although today I started with a gifted KBS and a mead for Christmas cheese and pudding. Not sure if I will rate the mead as it’s wine really.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Also got socks. Although it’s a subscription.

Happy Christmas all!

Christmas in Denmark this year with the in-laws so celebrated yesterday (still feels strange not having the big day/dinner on the 25th, although I do have a Christmas pudding for later)

Just getting some backloge down, and also having some Danish/English/US beers we brought together today.

Have a good one all.

Hoppy Christmas one and all.

Both sides of the family over; my brother’s turned up with a crate of Brewdog. No new rates in there, but happy to revisit old favourites. Still think Punk and 5am are great beers, might even up my Punk rating by a point or two. Never liked Jackhammer or Pony quite as much from memory, but prepared to change my mind when we get onto those. Apparently he got 12 bottles (3 of each) for £14, which seems ridiculously cheap for craft beer.

Merry Christmas! Going to finally get through some more of the beers from the advent calendars. Since I was only home one day of it. Snuck enough space in the house fridge for cans, so that’s where I will begin.

I like to go against the grain a bit. Picked this up at Monmouseau in Loire Valley. Perfect fruity accompanying sipper to cooking Christmas Dinner.

Oh, and Merry Christmas etc…

Opening this one up in the next few days. Yummy…

Pink Cava and a Pork Pie for breakfast.

More sparkling as we opened the presents.

Tins of Polish lager in the busy kitchen.

Traditional turkey dinner with a selection of wines.

Relaxing now with more food and the remnants of the wines, so not much beer today.


It’s all going on after a slow start !


I drank 8 cans of Thornbridge Jaipur, Tesco had 8 cans down to £9. A steal.

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