Happy St Patrick's Day

Anyone celebrating it by drinking Irish beer?

I have one in the fridge.

The cheap supermarket chain ‘Home Bargains’ had this: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/jj-s-hugo-s-pils/269975/

It’s only a beer from one of the two breweries in County Limerick, so a new region for me (and most of us actually). No idea if it’s in all their stores, got mine in Donnington, which is part of Telford. Heads up for @minutemat and @reidyboy.



Might have the O’Haras Irish Stout I’ve just received from Beer52. Might not. I’ll see how knackered I am after work.

Barstewards has some Whiplash on, but I’m gonna risk them lasting til tomorrow as I’m out anyway for Siren Maiden and others round the corner at 'Crow. No Irish beers in the house at present, AFAIK none of my previous Irish dealers have resumed shipping to UK yet

Not managed anything Irish I’m afraid, but did have something Welsh and something Cheshirian. Thanks for the heads up @BlackHaddock will check out Home Bargains in Shrewsbury, see if they can provide me with an elusive Irish region. Slainte and all that

The O’Haras stout wasn’t bad actually. Gave it a 3.5.

Happy Leprechaun’s Hat Day to you all.

We started getting this brewery Dublin City in my town recently. Made a pub style Shepard pie


One for you @danlo We miss out on all the good stuff over here :pensive:

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I also had an Irish cider yesterday: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/magners-rose/835549/



They’ve spoiled a good cider there by adding a gluten containing stout - would have been better off putting green colouring in it for St Patricks day!

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I’ll be honest, I’m intrigued. I have a can of AF Guinness and an AF Sheppys that are sat in my cupboard innocent of the horror I’m considering subjecting them to.

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Nothing to do with the Irish, but Home Bargains also a this on it’s selves: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/saugatuck-blood-orange-blonde/748980/97853/

Very surprised to find that in a cut price chain supermarket.


Have seen a couple of their beers there, seem to think they’re contract brewed in the UK, can’t remember by who/whom (?)