Happy Valentine's Day

Anyone doing something special beer or otherwise?

My good lady and I will be bringing out the old cards again, you know the ones, the sort you send when you are young and carefree. We saved them and they re-appear each year to brighten up our drab lives.

All the foodie pubs around here have expensive menus today, so we stay in; like a lot of other poor people we’ll have a Pasta Bake at home this evening, most likely throw in an out of date tin of Tuna to make it romantic.

I might have a couple of new beers before the meal, but we have a half bottle of dodgy Merlot to finish off as well.

This will be our 41st Valentine’s Day together, so I must be doing something right.



indeed, I’m doing something special.

@jonas and I are eisbocking some Schlenkerla Urbock & Eiche tonight.


This sounds like one of the most German things of all time. Prost!


The true meaning of love :smiley:

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I am currently spending Valentines eve an hour’s train ride away in Birmingham, after collecting my repaired Macbook from the Apple store. Soph & I are of the type that loathes doing things through tradition anyway (i did get her a card & present - im not that heartless!) … but will use Valentines as an excuse to head to our fave restaurant Hickorys in a couple of weeks

Shared a Saison Saint Médard 75cl with the Missus, a late Cuvée de Noel. Thought it was more than decent, she so-so and preferred her Ganter Urtrunk. Simple, shared pleasures.

Earlier I spotted on the My Local page that two Danes were drinking Guildford and Dorking dry. Mentioned it to my wife who responded, “Well, you’re not going anywhere tonight.” Happy Valentine’s.

Just checked the Surrey rankings and at least they haven’t overtaken me.