Hardywood is selling the entire set of GBS variants

For those that are into that kind of thing, it’s selling for $170 plus shipping in DC and Va.

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I actually like GBS and it’s variants, so this is really tempting…

The price is really steep for my budget right now, so I’m going to have to think about it.

I can’t imagine anyone getting 3 entire sets unless they’re trading or grey marketing the beers.

ya 200 with shipping for 6 750ml bottles and 12 tall cans. Pretty much $11 per beer.

Seems expensive. I don’t like ginger anyway so I wouldn’t go for it, but doesn’t necessarily seem like a deal. Doesn’t trader joe’s sometimes sell some of these variants?

At the TJ’s I go to it’s usually just GBS, and then Bourbon GBS. I think Christmas Morning and Christmas Pancakes regularly are there. I saw Kentucky Christmas Morning in 2018, but I don’t remember if it was there in 2019.

The main selling point would be the new ones and variants only available in this set.

I think the Bourbon GBS goes for something like 11, so maybe the breakdown isn’t so bad.

I have a friend who is something like a 5 minute drive from the West Creek location but trying to coordinate with him for pickup would probably be a bigger hassle than shipping.