Has anyone ever actually liked a white stout?

Real talk here guys.

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Yeah, sort of.



Me neither, it feels so artificial

It’s a brewer gimmick - gotta ignore the label and just think beer.


This was good.

I’ve only tried one and thought it was decent. Gave it a 3.7


Umm, yeah. No.

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Not really.

Sure, though I’ve only rated two; the lower rating of the two was 4,0 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Only knowingly had two. Quite liked this one (scored 3.6):

Didn’t like this one (scored 2.3):

So, still open-minded on the style…

Given one a 3.2 so for my average rating score not bad

And another at 3.5, so not bad either

I would probably go for a White Stout over a Lactose IPA at this point.


That is if the white stout doesn’t have lactose. 2 of the 3 local to me white stouts use it. I will pass


I see that Adam and I both liked this:


Only some killjoy has changed the style to Golden Ale. Need an Admin to get onto that, because it ain’t no Goddamn Golden Ale.

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Anybody want to start chewing on Golden Stouts?

Arguably brewed like a stout without roasted barley?

It’s golden hour. Time to reflect on the day, dust the sand off your blankets, and surround yourself with good friends… The night hasn’t turned dark yet, so why should your beer? Introducing Nine Bonfires Blazing, the 9th installment in our “Twelve Days” holiday series. Just like the sweater weather in San Diego, this winter warmer is quite the oxymoron. Brewed with coffee, vanilla beans, and rolled oats (but without roasted barley!), it is blonde in color but has all the aromas and flavors of a bold American stout. Pop open a beach chair and join us – ’tis the season for sharing stories and stouts around the fire.

So seems like at best there are people out there who liked two. That more or less answers my question :rofl::rofl::rofl:

‘This was pretty damn good, if it counts as a white stout:


mmmmmm, grainiac :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: