Has the time of Kombucha arrived?

After all there is no such thing as artificial sugar. It’s all plant based. And if Ken Grossman finds the product worthy …

"“As long as the product has providence and soul, I’m good with it,” said founder Ken Grossman in a press release. “Like beer, kombucha allows you to become an alchemist, morphing natural, raw ingredients into something amazing to drink,” Grossman said, noting he is a long-time kombucha drinker.”

Maybe we allow Kombucha produced by entities that make beer, cider and/or sake? Support the brewers we’ve always supported?


If we do that, would it set a precedent for hard selzer made by craft breweries?

Depends on how much emphasis is placed on the tea fermentation aspect.

Liquid cheese, the next “thing”?

Surely fermentation is the whole point.

But hard seltzers are created with the fermentation of sugar. And so is Kombucha.Tea fermenatation - which doesn’t create much, if any alcohol*, is the difference. So …