Have you got a Google RB presence

My Daughter was doing some homework that involved google and looked up me, which reminded me that the Top Search on my Name is A RB thread.


Have you got a google RB presence.

Google your name, and regardless of position does a RB page appear

#1 hit:


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I think he means googling your actual name, not your RB handle.


But so many ways to do the name, and another chemist with even the same middle initial is somewhere in the Midwest! And there are so many of me:

200+ William Henson profiles | LinkedIn

Could be worse… If you google my name this guy is all over -

Eat your heart out, future employers.


Jow is apparently a word for the ringing of a bell. Also its a unit of measurement in India. If you google my real name you get someone connected to the New Orleans based Mafia

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My real name is far too common in English language countries and there are several athletes, professionals, and other famous people who share it. You’ll likely find one of them however if you’re in the UK you’ll find my actual website at the top by virtue of me owning the domain name for the past 15 years I’m no longer surrounded by famous people and have fallen into obscurity. Yay for anonymity!

Googling my username I see my RB profile 3rd, some random forum posts, some random gaming websites. Some are actually me, most are not.

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Not in the top 5 pages of google. Wouldn’t expect to, as my real name rarely gets mentioned. Not that I attempt to hide my identity, a search for my nick will find my real name trivially.

LinkedIn, Facebook, empty Twitter account… phew!

Then a disturbing page from Sweden that reports my birthday, the size of my flat, that I live with a woman of different age than my real wife, and that I earn less than a cashier at the supermarket :question:

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No mention of RateBeer when I Google my real name. BlackHaddock however does, plenty of pictures too if you click on ‘images’, top bunch are mostly me with the wife or friends.


Nothing for my real name either, but I’m happy to share my RB name with a Distributor Rotor:

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I share my name with a fish dish, wish I was a Distributor Rotor though.


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Yeah, being a Distributor Rotor is underrated these days, I think.

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It looks like my RateBeer profile was used to lead an article about the release party for a Brussels Beer Project beer (Ste Kat’) by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Apparently the German press considers me to be quite the expert :sunglasses:


I am the Shermanator! Far too many hits for that to get down to anything actually connected with me.

I was also, in name only, the senior cameraman for Father Ted. Also working on that show were Peter Thornton (production manager) and Jon Matthews (sound supervisor). At the same time I had actual work colleagues based in the same office called Peter Thornton and Jon Matthews. What are the odds …


Welp, mostly me, beer related, on page 1 and 2 with a few references to other people with the same and surmame.

Well, there is none of me, except me. But the only link to ratebeer is through my facebook page. Somehow I have neglected to put it in my linkedin page I’m afraid :grin: And my handle brings up a bunch of movies, the top on the list being a Hindi movie!


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8th listing, FB, only when I include Casper Wyoming.

I don’t have a common name so I got tons of pages. My work leads to a lot of internet stuff. Pics as well. I once found my cell number online and had to get it deleted.

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Not my RB page, but my Beer blog comes up on the first page. The only result for my name that belongs to me.

But my user name yields a lot of law firms specializing in alcohol trade law with a McDermott on the masthead. And Dylan McDermott, whose real first name is “Mark.”