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I am flying to Oahu next week. Let me know if anyone has any beer tips. I noticed there are concentrations of breweries, which I intend to visit, but any other thoughts?

Any good info on Hawaii since then? @mansquito - Any tips? Im going in the new year.

I can only speak as to Oahu, but there are a lot of good choices. The most modern hype style brewery is Inu Island Ales (they make heavily fruited berliners, pastry stouts, and haze). Second, I would mention Lanikai, which makes pretty solid sours (although I had some of their duds as well). Third, Beer Lab HI, which I unfortunately did not get to, but I heard good things and had a few beers on draft. Aloha Brewing, Waikiki, and Hawaiian all have good tap rooms in the center of the city. Plus, there are many good beer bars, which have solid selections of local and nonlocal stuff. You can either google them or flip through by reviews, as I note them in the first line. Finally, I note that you can get French Polynesian beer in Hawaii. No idea where, but it is doable. Drunk driving is taken very seriously in Hawaii, by the way, so Uber/Lyft would be advisable.

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