Heerlen and Rotterdam 26-28.8

Spending an evening in Heerlen and then two days in Rotterdam in the end of August.
From Place rating it seems like there isn’t much to do in Heerlen other than a brewpub. That doesn’t really bother me as I’m there for a concert with friends, but if there’s a more interesting place in town, I’ll be happy to hear about it.
As for Rotterdam, the listing is a little unclear. Looking for modern craft beer bars mostly - help with more focused recommendations is welcome. So far, Noordt looks like the more interesting place in town.
Also, I still need to book a hotel/ AirBnB in town. I travel alone this time, so I’m looking for tips about cool and safe (as in family-oriented) neighbourhoods.

If I have the energy, I’ll take the trip to De Molen, but if there are bars in R’dam that serve their beers, I’d be happy to list them.
(sadly, as I’m traveling light and NL is the last leg in a crazy 3-countries-in-five-days trip, I cannot offer trades this time).


The Kaapse Brouwers is the most crafty place in Rotterdam. Nice industrial place near the river, with lots of good craft stuff on 30 taps and a good bottle selection from the shop.


I think in Heerlen the best place to go is Café d’r Klinge. Not really interesting for craft beer, (allthough they do have 9 taps with mostly Brand beers and about 100 bottled beers), but is a typical dutch ‘bruin café’ which might be just OK for you and your lager-drinking friends :slight_smile:

In Rotterdam Kaapse Brouwers is much better than Noordt if you’re looking for a good atmosphere. And try Kaapse Maria (wed - sun), a bar/resstaurant with nice beers on taps (sure something from the Molen) and good food.

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