Heineken finds buyer for Russian operations

Heineken has finally found a buyer for its seven Russian breweries. I really have no idea who it could be, but I’m guessing they won’t be from Europe or the US.

In the meantime they have been kindly pumping out various things such as lagers flavoured with “Forest Herbs” and “Nordic Berries”, a Guinness replacement (not on RateBeer yet), as well as the weak-ass Heineken Silver (not sure why they withdrew the other Heineken brands but decided to launch this one).

Heineken itself, and the N/A version, are still available, albeit via so-called “parallel import” — basically it gets imported from wherever without Heineken’s permission.


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I bet its a Russian oligarch that got a decent price for it.

Yep, sold for 1 euro (although the buyer has to take on around 100 mln euro in debt).

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That’s more than I’d want to pay for a Heineken.


Honestly, depends on the prices of everything else. XD