Help ID’ing Sake

Can’t seem to find this on the site.

Any help is appreciated.

I added it there

Many thanks

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Another one

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Need to add the producer too, there’s already one sake of theirs on the site but under the wrong producer…

There you go! :smiley:

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less about ID but a bit more about figuring something out:

This is the common one:

What are the chances this is the same (an alias):

Numerous online retailers seem to have this entry with the regular Draft label:

and what are the chances this is also an alias:

and same for this:

one more from this brewery

Is this

potentially an alias of one of the beers already listed? For anyone that can read Japanese @KyotoLefty

It’s here:

and what are the chances that is actually this:

ABV is different but probably the same base stuff.

Hakutsuru is the biggest sake brewer in Japan. Most of the stuff is pretty horrible, even the Daiginjos.

They have a pretty cool museum in Kobe, though, set up like an old-fashioned brewery.

It’s worth a stop to see that, then go straight to some of the other Nada breweries for tastings.