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Help identifying a brewery - Onyx Silver Pils

While visiting La Cane Bière in Marseille we had a beer named Silver Pils by Onyx brewery. Neither the beer nor the brewery are on RB. Found it on Untappd with no details about the brewery. Currently there are only 5 check-ins, all from La Cane Bière, and that’s the brewery’s only listed beer. Tried to google with my VERY limited knowledge of French and found nothing. I, as well as the good people at the BI department of ABinBEV, would really appreciate your help identifying the beer and the brewery.

Maybe there’s some confusion there. There is another Silver Pils on untappd, which also is not on RateBeer - doesn’t take much for someone to screw things up, and it would be amazing for the name Silver Pils to come up twice by accident. Here’s info on the Duvel Moortgat beer:


Doubt it’s the Duvel Moortgat beer.

It actually exists, you can buy kegs:

Just add Onyx as a micro w/o an address, just France and Onyx Silver Pils as a Pilsner at 4.1% and you’re set. Or I’ll do it after I’m done.

My suggestion would be that one of our (more) Francophone users/admins (than me right now since I’m forced to think in 3 other, different languages all the time) mails or contacts Neodif - there’s contact info on the page. Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be any info online.


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