Help identifying Greek beers

Last night i drank Beertime blonde lager and Beertime dark lager at, well, Beertime. Brewed by Zeos, are they aliases to Zeos black and Zeos blue or should i add them as new beers?
(Yup, we’re in town again! If anyone wants to meet at The Local or Lazy Bulldog, bm me)

I sent a question to Zeos… let’s see what they will reply

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@kerenmk I rthink the best is to add these two beers under Zeos as new beers… Beertime Lager etc. and if we find out that they are exactly the same as the other Zeos beers I will merge them

Thanks rouhlas, I’ll add them.
Hopefully next time we’ll finally make it to Thessaloniki :slight_smile:

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bring @DSG with you ;p