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Help me find a beer?

What beer company had a black aluminium bottle with rainbow colors mark on it? I can’t remember the name and I really like to find it😊

What country and/or region?

…Icelandic Borg has at least a black can with rainbow:

…and there is the aluminium rainbow version of this:

i dont know what country or region it is from:/ i only remember the looks of it

The bottle is almost completely black with a ‘mark’ of rainbow on it.

This was my girlfriend’s favorite beer i have been searching for this for about 1 year with no luck.

She would be so grateful if some on could help us find it :smiley:

This beer also came with a black label: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/black-hog-rainbow-gravy/729287/

Thank you for all the answers, but non of them looks like the one im looking for:(

Where are you located though? That might help us figure it out

I bought it in Norway its all i know :rofl:

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