Help me, I am addicted to ticking

Summer is the worst time. Summer is when I try to get country ticks. Because the easiest way to get country ticks is rating the relatively widely distributed pale lagers from each country. So, summer. The last four beers I have tried have all been pale lager country ticks. Ranging from blah , to barely above drain pour. And I have a Tusker in the fridge…

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On behalf of all of us here at Ratebeer…“me too”.

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Summer is when I start burning through my cellar of Stouts (BA/normal), Barleywines (BA/Normal) and other dark beers. This is mainly due to hating most summer styles. I tick and do what I want! Don’t tell me I caan’t stout in the summer!

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I think I ticked one by accident using the RB mobile app. Can’t seem to find which one. I always like to write a few sentences about every beer I try on RB. So I won’t get addicted to ticking.

Summer means festivals and festivals mean a greater number of different beers getting here. So ya.

If you tick them all then your problem is solved!

I have Ecuador, probably open at the next tasting on the 27th in Rosslyn… Welcome to swing by. Plus many other ticks