Help! RateBeer is showing in a different language! 😱

We have recently rolled out an update that configures parts of RateBeer to support different languages. Instead of the English-for-everyone-approach, the site will “listen” to the language that your browser is requesting and try to display appropriately.

This is not what everyone wants, however - so to make things a bit less prescriptive and more configurable we will be updating it so you can change the language of RateBeer without affecting other sites.

In the meantime, if you want English back right now! Here is what you can do:

Change the requested language in Chrome
Change the requested language in Firefox
Change the requested language in Internet Explorer

Cheers :beer:


Good. This is what I think a lot of people want.

This is good to hear. Thanks!

So I have to edit my browser instead of just adding a “language” setting in my profile? Sure, that would have been too easy…

You’re not reading what they are saying.

Thank you! Nice to have this fix, and looking forward to seeing a language option in rb later!

Update: to change the language without going into your browser settings, you can now specify the language in the URL. For example:

:uk: en
:fr: fr
:de: de
:es: es
:it: it
:poland: pl
:netherlands: nl
:portugal: pt
:sweden: sv

We’re still making modifications, but this should make it a little easier in the meantime.


Why is Polish ‘po’ instead of ‘pl’? And why is Portuguese ‘po’ instead of ‘pt’?

I agree, both ISO 639 and IANA use “pl” for Polish and “pt” for Portuguese…

@ch-303 @adamnowek
Thanks, corrected

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