Help! What Beers are these?

I am collecting various beer bottles caps for my World Beer Map.
I am going through the ones I have and cant remember a where I had a few of them (should made a note!).

Can anyone help me identify these brands/nations? No sure if I can post a picture on this?

  1. (A dull red) Red Cap with a Gold Bulls Head
  2. Black Cap with White Border. Image inside is a White Tree and Roots. The tree and roots are the same size.
  3. Shiny Blue Cap. With a Gold Shield in the Middle. In the Shield is Sword Crossed with Keys.
  4. Very Busy Cap. A Book with Ribben over it. Then a Heart (or apple) with an Arrow through it.

Many thanks

I believe the black and white tree is Almanac in California.

It’s extremely similar to their tree logo - but the bottle caps usually carry spade/fork or a big letter A. And their tree logo seems to have larger tips at the branch ends.

Thanks for the feedback guys.
You are right, it really does look like the Almanac logo.
But I can’t remember ever trying that and cant find any images of the on google of the bottle cap for Almanac.
I’m also now wondering if the heart/arrow one might have been a cider bottle that got mixed up.

That tree… it rings a bell. A UK cider?

Yep, from Devon.



My mate just worked it out. They are all Aldi drinks.
The tree is one of their less fuzzy apple ciders.
Not sure they will go on my world map tbh

Carrullo, Rosini, Medusa he said

I was googling Sandiford.