Help with brewery/beer ID please?

Had a Christmas-themed cask bitter last night, and yes of course it was rubbish! It was at a pub that generally only sells brews from the big regionals.

The beer in question had the obligatory punning name of “Brewdolph”, and the pump clip clearly stated it was brewed by the Park Brewery in Wolverhampton. On Ratebeer we have Park Breweries in London and Scotland but not in Brum.

I quickly found the beer on the Yellow Site:

The Yellow Site has Park Brewery set up as a regional brewery that brews only this beer. The Yellow Site is, as we all know, completely and utterly reliable in such matters.

Personally however, I suspect that Park is just yet another brand brewed by Banks (who are obviously not too worried about the legal implications of using other brewery’s names).

So if other people agree with this, I’ll add it under Banks. However, do you think it’s best to add it “Park Brewery Brewdolph”, “Banks’s Brewdolph” or “Banks’s Park Brewery Brewdolph”?

Cheers, and merry twiggy bitters to all!

It’s already sitting in the merge queue on “The Yellow Site”. It’ll likely be fixed before it’s even added to Ratebeer. Corrections go through very fast there unlike here. I’m waiting weeks for even the most minor of corrections to be performed here, I’ve also come across obvious duplicates where both beers have been “verified” by admins. Let’s not pretend RB is so much better, both sites have their problems.

Anyway Banks’s is definitely the correct brewery as you say. As far as I know “Park Brewery” is literally what they call the brewery in Wolverhampton, and isn’t a brand of theirs. I could be wrong on that though. I’d say “Banks’s Brewdolph” should be the proper name. Some of their pump clips have the normal Banks’s branding and don’t even mention Park Brewery. So I’ve no idea what they’re playing at there.

Someone else’s checkin shows this:

EDIT: Ok apparently this is just a festive rebadge of their “Amber Bitter”. It’s being merged on Untappd, so won’t count as a new beer there. Probably need to add it then ask an admin here to alias it if this is the case.

EDIT 2: Yeah there’s numerous angry checkins calling out the rebadge. I couldn’t find proof of this publicly but it’s been merged for this exact reason before.

No it won’t, already added it!::grin:

Many thanks for the swift response and help.

And yes, I would agree both sites have their issues. But I would maintain that accuracy of data entered by users is generally far higher on RB than on UT. Although the UT admins clearly do a huge amount of work to correct the site, they’re up against a huge wave of crap data entry from the “quantity over quality” brigade. I can’t help getting irritated when I regularly see a Wetherspoons listed as supposedly serving something like “Barrel Aged Ghost Imperial IPA” on cask from an unheard of US micro, and you know it was probably just Adnams Ghost Ship and the user couldn’t be bothered to do more than a one word search and click on anything that came up.

Nail on the head. Users are idiots generally, but RB has the advantage of having the type of users who tend to care more about everything so yeah, less mistakes here, but also the disadvantage of having far less people adding stuff.

For what it’s worth in this particular case I don’t actually blame the user who originally added that beer. I mean it clearly says the name “Brewdolph” and clearly says “Park Brewery” on the badge. Any normal person would have no reason to believe it’s actually brewed by Banks’s.

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Ah pants, added it before I saw your edits to your original post.

Now it needs merging/aliasing on here too. Sorry (humble apologetic face).

That really is the worst Christmas beer. Should have called it Bah Humbug. Still, at least the Amber Bitter is still a new tick for me too!

Well it’s fine I was suggesting you add it anyway since people will probably be searching for it. Better to add it and have an admin alias it so folks find the right beer. Unfortunately I am not an admin here so I can’t help you :slight_smile:

Nope, you’re right there, and without forums on UT I guess there’s always going to have to be an attitude of I’ll stick it on as something and let the admins sort it out later.

On the plus side I do always now live in hope that one day I’ll find a cask impy from a Dakota micro being sold for a couple of quid in a 'Spoons. :wink:


My mum showed a similar picture tonight, we thought it’s a rebadge of Banks Amber.