Help with shipping from UK

Not sure if this is the right place, if not let me know!

I’m planning on buying some beer online but they ship only to the UK mainland. If anyone can help let me know!

I see you’re in Canada(?) according to your profile. I assume you’re looking for someone to take delivery of the beers the send them over to you? If so I can’t help out there, but there are a handful of shops that can ship directly to you.

BeerGonzo is widely recommended, PremierHop is new but has good rep already, SevenCellars I have no experience with. If you go with PremierHop or SevenCellars you’ll probably want to email them first to confirm shipping costs etc.

One more option is, they’re more on the traditional side of things but a good option if that’s what you’re after.

Thanks, I’ll check those out!

I believe you may encounter problems getting beer delivered to Canada. It could depend on the State but I did a trade with Duffman who has a PO box over the border in Montana as its prohobited. You might wanna message him to check.

Thanks for the tip! I have a place across the border that can accept packages on my behalf so sounds like it`ll go there instead of at my place.