Helsinki / Talin October 14-21 (with Stockholm on 13th)

Ok ive flights booked in and out of helsinki on 14 and 21 october
want to have a few days in Talin (open to any other ideas)

But want to check if anyone knows of anything beer wise that week in either place i should plan round.
Otherwise prob just gonna do talin 16th leave the 19th or something like that

It is way too early to know anything happening in Tallinn, but there are often some kind of events like tap takeovers and beer launches on Thursdays/Fridays/Saturdays. These events are usually announced about a week or so before them. There probably won’t be any bigger events. One of the things you can do is to pop into Tartu. It’s about 2-2.5h train/bus ride from Tallinn and costs about 12€ (more info about trains: , more info about the buses: ). Beerwise there won’t be much you can’t get in Tallinn, but I think it is worth visiting just to see some other part of Estonia. I’m sure @Travlr can chip in here with some tips from non-local perspective.

We can also meet up in Tallinn (I’m sure @Marduk , @FatPhil and Anna will also join if they can) and do some kind of pub crawl.

cheers. YEah not woried abotu tap takovers etc. More if big festivals or such

Just need to work out what nights etc im booking Where.
Prob means Talin will be weekdays. as its easier to do helinki at ends as thats where im flying

but i also dont really want to do much travelling time, unless there specific things, and YES would love a meet up :slight_smile:

Oh and thats nother question. Are most places Child friendly (as in there allowed in)

I think all the places in Estonia allow children in with their parents, at least haven’t noticed anyone having problems with that.

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One of the nice things about Helsinki/Tallinn is that the boats are frequent and have so much capacity that you don’t need firm plans, and can almost always just travel on a whim.

It’ll be good to see you again, you nutter!

A pleasant not-too-much-travelling day trip for tourism rather than beer is Rakvere. Just over an hour by train. Picturesque living-museum castle, and who doesn’t like a giant statue of an aurochs?

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Its more the hotel bookings, but googling ferry the price varies quite a bit so must be better to pre plan?

There are 3 ferry companies to chose from, Eckero, Tallink, and Viking Line, which does keep the competition high and the prices reasonable (they’re expecting you to splurge on the boat). Look out for Hotel package deals too, that can keep the prices down.

Ok. Im just getting round to booking hotels
But looks like 14-15 in Helsinki
Ferry on 16th
16-18 in Tallinn
Ferry on 19
19th, 20th in Helsinki

Flight home 21st

The Ferries seem to be about £30 return per person booked in advance is that about right?

and @FatPhil do you know what the just rock up and board cost is?


It depends on the courier and if you can get any deals. Generally Eckero Line and Viking Line will be cheapest (and both share the same harbour, so sometimes we aim for one and know we have a fallback on the other). If you can find a 30e return, then that’s a good price, I often pay more single. The only positive thing about Tallink is the number of boats per day.

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“19th, 20th in Helsinki”

I’ll be at Helsinki during that weekend so if you need any assistance or guidance just ask.


Im hoping we can manage a meet up with a few people if there free :smiley: SO excellent

Ok now ive firmed up my plans
Looking for

  • sugestions of Thinks to do (in the city as i dont want more travel) thats family orientaed

  • interesting resteraunt suggestions (avoid fish) esp a budget end

  • arranging to meet up

yeah, I live close to Helsinki, so 19-20th should work for me as well, would be nice meeting you again!


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Brewdog Collabfest is in Helsinki 18-21.10.

All the untappd-venues in Helsinki:

Bar Bronco, Helsinki
Bar Bronco 2, Helsinki
Bar Bronco 3, Helsinki
Bier Bier, Helsinki
Black Door, Helsinki
Brewdog Helsinki, Helsinki
Bryggeri Helsinki, Helsinki
Il Birrificio, Helsinki
Maltainen Riekko, Helsinki
Oljenkorsi, Helsinki
One Pint Pub, Helsinki
Panema, Helsinki
Pien Shop & Bar
Putte’s Bar & Pizza, Helsinki
Sidewalk, Helsinki
Sori Taproom, Helsinki
Time Bar, Helsinki
Tommyknocker, Helsinki…ar/2632851
Woolshed - Australian Gastropub, Helsinki

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ahhh wasnt sure if that would be happening in Helsinki. Nice

Ok. Anyone want to pencil in a meet up , and then where and when :smiley:

bloody hell guys Who move Helsinki airport so far out. Whats the best way to get from airport, and as im flying Sunday 5pm, is it worth a few hours in Vantaa on way to airport, and if so whats the best way for that.

Again Craig

Use train “Kehärata”, ~25-35 minutes from Helsinki central railway station. 5 euros. Where are you staying?

I will send more information later today. Looks like I am available for pub crawls on Friday 17.00-22.00 and Saturday 11.00->