Helsinki Tips

Going to be there with a couple of mates at the end of next month.

I’m (of course) on the look out for Sahti. These seems to be the best bets other than Alko: Bryggeri Helsinki, St. Urho’s Pub, One Pint Pub, Villi Wäinö but it’s an old list. Anyone know of any other spots for Sahti?

Any new breweries to keep an eye out for? I was hand luggage only but as my mother was expecting me to bring back groceries I will now have a suitcase of bread and beer.

Is it possible to get a good Porilainen in Helsinki? Yet to find one that matches Höyhtyän Grilli in Oulu.

Quick answer:

Bryggeri Helsinki: Lammin Sahti
St Urho: Finlandia Sahti
Villi Wäinö: Sometimes they have interesting sahtis from Olu Brygi Raum

For the “Porilainen” I suggest Jaskan Grilli just next to St Urho.


Took a girlfriend to that grilli:)

Pub Peräkammari:
I had three Sahtis here a month ago. Look in the fridge for Sahti bag in box!

Also one Sahti at Zetor.


Came here to say that. Had also 3 or 4 sahtis there last year. It has nice central location, so not hard to pop in.

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William K also has one from Finlandia. Still using a plastic can. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And if you want to bring some home, you should be able to find 2 from finlandia at Alko

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Cheers all.

Been to Zetor a few times but not had sahti there. Was planning to take my mates there anyway.

Hopefully will be in luck at Pub Peräkammari - I’d spotted that there were none on when Marduk visited so good to see they’ve had some on recently.

Sahti in a bag is interesting as I am going to the UK Ratebeer get together in June.