Henry and Sally's Torrgata Beers

Does anyone know if all of the Torrgata line beers are rebranded Vesterbro line of beers? I had the Spontan and Wit and they seem to match up… I also heard some murmurings on UT that was the case. In any case, should an alias be created?

Most likeley ALL, or at least most of these “local” beers for the different Mikkeller bars are the same as the Vesterbro edition. Maybe Mikkeller SD, NY or DTLA make some editions. If they do, they are probably still alias for the Vesterbro beers.


This post did not really make me more interested in buying that factory stuff

I am really happy without that Mickey Mouse stuff

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Mikkeller Stockholm also had some beers «brewed for Mikkeller Sweden» All of them are alias beers👿


Yes, I was not super excited to go, but my wife likes going to Mikkeller bars to stock up on coasters.

Yeah, im pretty sure they will be aliased in time. All the Mikkeller bars “house” beers seem to alias back to the Vesterbro ones.

Both the foreign Mikkeller bars and the same for the multiple ones here in Denmark. For example at Mikkeller CPH Airport then the “Mikkeller Airport Spontan” / “Mikkelller Airport Wit” alias back to the Vesterbro ones…


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